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Z-WOW Ltd is a business and visa consultancy based in the heart of London. Our service include: Chinese Visa, Russian Visa, Thailand Visa, Vietnam Visa, India Visa and etc. However, We are not affiliated with Chinese, Russian, Thai, Vietnam embassy and any government authorities. If you wish obtain Chinese visa, Russian Visa, Thailand Visa, Vietnam Visa at a lower price through their embassy directly, you need google search their official embassy website, all instructions are available on their official website which include original application forms, guidelines, their visa application fee and where to apply. However, in this case, you may take risk of application rejection or any delay by the embassy because of any errors in your application documents. In almost all cases the embassy charges a fee.

If you choose use zwow visas, our visa experts will check your documents and assist you to correct your application once we receive your applications. If we handle your application, we charge an additional fee in pre-checking, providing the advice on the requirements, taking responsibility for ensuring that your documentation is correct, submitting applications and queue up on your behalf obtain the relevant visa, returning package in UK.

Z-WOW VISAS iswithin 5 minutes walking to Colindale Tube Station

Why Choose Us?

We will double-check your documents very carefully once we receive your documents

We will contact you in maximum 1 hour once we find any mistake in your documents

No need queue up for a very long time outside the Embassy in London, we will save your valuable time

We will email you to confirm that we already receive your documents

We are able to deal with very urgent cases

We can provide Chinese and Russian visa support

No queue, no appointment

You may get a voucher as a random gift gift

Very competitive price, all inclusive, no additional charge

Outside London: We will return your visa by Royal mail special delivery

In London: Free courier service in red area

Special group discount offer! Exclusively for Z-WOW customers!

Group Discount Offer can be applied into whichever type of visa you applied for and no matter which country you applied for 5-10 people within a group @ 5% off; More than 10 people within a group @ 10% off;